Steve Testa

I am a developer, consultant, entrepreneur and self described foosball champion. I like to blog occasionally about technology, code, trends and the community.
(obligatory: all opinions are my own)

My Background

My career started at Sky Internet Solutions, a small consulting firm. Custom websites were the name of the game over there. After which, I worked for about 5 years at medical software company called Micro-Office Systems. While there I worked on everything from medical systems integrations to custom back office healthcare solutions. My current day job is as an Application Developer for Hyland Software here in Cleveland, Ohio. At Hyland, I work mainly in the social enterprise space with a heavy focus on web development using the Microsoft stack. I’ve been with Hyland for around 11 years now. On top of it all, I have maintained Testa Software, my own consulting firm, on the side.

Connect With Me

I am always excited about the latest technologies and am passionate about code. I am always happy to discuss both. On the social web I tend to hang out on twitter. If you are in the Cleveland area you can catch me in person. I am a regular at some of Cleveland’s development related user groups: C# Sig or the group I started Cleveland Dev Craft.