Steve Testa

Software Developer
Cleveland, Ohio
(440) 305-0073


Applications Developer at Hyland Software

My role on this team is to develop end-to-end solutions for the business. Solutions are primarily built upon our social enterprise solutions. We develop not only the company intranet but also the extranet. This allows Hyland employees, resellers and customers to interact and communicate in new ways.

  • Created a new company intranet and extranet that allowed for increased communication and shared insights between our employees, reseller channels and customer base.
  • Built many end-to-end custom solutions on top of our intranet and extranet to facilitate business processes.
  • Aided in implementing and adhering to an agile software methodology
  • Implemented and trained my team on distributed version control using Git and modern build and deployment practices that facilitated a continuous deployment strategy.

JUN 2009 - Present
Owner / Developer at Testa Software

I began Testa Software in the summer of 2009 as a one-man consulting shop. Contact me if you have any interest in contracting my services for any custom development.

    JUL 2005 - DEC 2009
    Programmer / Technical Support Specialist at Micro-Office Systems

    Micro-Office Systems is a custom solutions business with a focus entirely on the healthcare vertical. While working for the company, I had the opportunity to develop and support solution end to end.

    • Software development using C#, .Net (1.1, 2.0, 3.5), perl, c++ and others
    • Developed a wide range of products not limited to HL7 integrations, perl communications utilities, custom Scantron Optical Mark Reader utilities, and ANSI 835/837 billing utilities.
    • Software development for multiple operating systems including several versions of Windows, SCO Unix, and Linux
    • Other responsibilities included: primary support contact, documentation composition, and internal product testing

    JAN 2005 - JUN 2005
    Web Developer at Sky Internet Solutions

    I worked in this role while in school. I was employed by my former professor. My time was primarily spent developing websites. After school, I continued to occasionally take on freelance work for the company.

    • Web page design using HTML, XHTML and CSS
    • Adhered to HTML and XHTML Strict W3C standards.
    • Development of dynamic content web pages using ASP.Net and C#
    • Use of Microsoft Visual Studio development environments


    Machine Learning

    Web Development

    Programming Languages


    NOV 2014 - PRESENT
    A local Cleveland .NET Enterprise User Group.
    • .NET Enterprise Development
    • Ineta Member


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